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Sometimes it sucks to be different... ya never quite fit in anywhere... until you meet a few people interested in the same things as you.

You'll find a good bunch to hang with, I'm sure. My daughter waited forever for her first boyfriend. She is pretty and has high standards... not a hot-ass.

I told her if she waited, he would show up and he did. They are peas and carrots for the last nine months. He's old school and I like that.

If you get involved in a good aspect of life you are sure to make good new acquaintances and perhaps some new friends. You have a great personality, very witty.

Even if you find just one good friend,it makes all the world of difference. Being alone sucks, this I know.

You are the reason I am so upset at parents these days. I have read you mention the scaley-eyed folks and don't give up. You shouldn't feel lonely when you have parents. You should always feel their love. Good luck in your hunt for new friends. I am positive you will be successful!


Mary XXX
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