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Default Re: Our New President; Barack Obama

I assume we can all breathe a sigh of relief because George Bush, Jr. is leaving office in January and the first African American president is ready to take over the ship and he promises change, change and more change.

Obama prepared the American people during his acceptance speech for a long wait for his mandate for change by stating that it will be an uphill battle and a steep climb. It won't take one year, but perhaps a term or two.

So, we can all rest now, right?

AMERICA is on her way toward a full recovery and we are SAFE, safe, safe.


The African American population in America believes that their savior has come. The irony is that OBAMA is a slave to his masters just like all the others who are placed in the Oval office.

Is Obama considered African American although his mother is caucasian?

Obama and Cheney are distant cousins.

I think most of the American population forgets that the President can promise this, that and the other thing, but most of the promises cannot be fulfilled unless the CONGRESS approves it.

Obviously, those who run for the office of the Presidency are well aware of this fact.

The electoral college vote should be abolished; completely archaic.

Don't be so shocked that an African American president has been elected to serve as our Commander in Chief.

He is the one they chose to serve them.

It's all a farce.

Courtesy of the CONTROLLERS.
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