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Default Re: HIGHER INDOCTRINATION: Universities and Corporate control by David Livingstone

It is illegal to attend or work for
state/public university because
ALL TAXATION IS THEFT, so these people
are accepting the benefits of stolen money,
money that has been stolen ( taxed )
from hardworking, laissez-faire employed
fathers. It is illegal because the
states' law of theft ( taxation )
is in itself "illegal".
A moral, righteous person would refuse
to, and not want to, participate in
Statist/Theftist schooling/anti-education.

Spiritually, this evil funding to do "good"
tripwires a spiritual law
of bad karma or more correctly,
God curses the education so that
people are taught lies, and
the truth is withheld from them
in every subject area.

Theftist/Statist education-initials
after a persons name should be renounced.
Once the initials are renounced the person
should be forgiven of their education crimes.
Then they can start real learning from
non-State sources. Whenever you see
Theftist/Statist university degree initials
translate them in your mind to read
"I.D.I.O.T." and T.H.I.E.F.
( I'm only referring to the Statist/Theftist portion
of a persons education here, not what a person
has learned on their own from
non-stolen-education sources).

If you are the CEO of a company,
only hire people who do not have a
"degree" and those who have renounced their
Statist/Theftist degree. Refuse to hire the others. Also, initiate some sort of
apprenticeship program within your organization
for young people to learn from the older
experienced people.

Also Statist/Theftist public university
paycheck collectors/professors and student
graduates should not be allowed to write
for "libertarian/free-market publications
and websites until they have quit or renounced
their "degree" of a stolen/socialist
education. These people, ipso facto,
have established a rule that one can
be an instigator of socialism (theftism)
and write against it too. That is called doublethink or being doubleminded.

Signed, Rushdoony, S.E.P. ( Self-Educated Person )

* P.S. - I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I attended Statist/Theftist/Liar
public university
for two years. Please forgive me everyone for
being a thief and a learner of Statist lies
for two whole years.
I quit so I could start learning for real
and spending my own money to do so.
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