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Default I'm kilted_barbarian

Hi everyone,

My name is kilted and I just joined your forum.

Since I was a child, following reading an article on the moon landing, I have been convinced of conspiracy theories. There are so many inconsistencies with what we are told about major events in history that there must be alternative answers.

Its funny how when you listen to government officials tell about events, they always always deny a cover up, demanding hard evidence of conspiracies. Yet they never disprove those very theories.

A bit of background of me. I am a trained pharmacologist and a qualified pharmacist. I worked for a company who actually had the cure for cancer sitting on a shelf. It was not allowed to be developed because of red tape. I will tell you all about this at a later date, but please bear in mind that I have first hand evidence of a cospiracy.

I look forward to meeting you all.

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