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Default Re: NWO proof in rap music

Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
And the Christain religion promotes hatred against Blacks and Jews...So what is your point. Everyone is a self righteous evil being? You can't cut your cake and eat it to...Unless you are the cake and Bruce is having a birthday! Just because others have had it tough, you can't be the judge of how they feel by missinterpreting a song like you misread the Bible. You are whacked BA.You hate Bruce, so all musicians are in bed with him I suppose. Your just a hater.Straight up!
Excuse me, but what are you ranting on about?

Don't get your panties all up in a bunch now.

My opinion, to which I am entitled, is that MOST rap degrades women and promotes violence.

I'm not the only person who shares this opinion.

My comment has nothing to do with everyone being a self-righteous evil being.

My point was that IMO, rap degrades women and promotes violence.

You appear to read into my comments that which isn't there.

I'm not judging anyone who has had it tough.

Again, IMO, rap promotes violence and degrades women.

I don't care how tough any of the rappers have it.

That's my opinion.

Misinterpreting what lyrics?

Hey, "little girl" is your Daddy home.

The lyrics speak for themselves.

Who said all musicians are in bed with Springsteen?

Not I.

You have taken a simple comment by me and turned it into something it is not.

I don't hate, but you certainly project that feeling.

There is plenty of music that I enjoy, but Springsteen's music isn't on that list for obvious reasons.
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