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Default Re: This Is Not A Financial Crisis

Originally Posted by kilted_barbarian View Post
Actually, you are not quite correct on this. I just wrote a whole big post, but it somehow got deleted.

In short, the Federal Reserve cannot print money out of thin air. This is what would cause a hyperinflation (Germany, 1920's)

They are pumping billions into the economy. This can be 'wiped out' in a heartbeat on the stock exchange. So there is no accountabiity for this 'money'.

They can still afford to spend millions per day fighting other peoples wars.

There is a crisis at ground level. Hit people where they hurt and what do you get? Sore people.

Sort the problem out and what do you get? Loyal followers.

Watch what happens, and tell me when I am wrong that the British Prime Minister and the new President elect will get reelected following a miraculous turnaround in the world economy.
When they pump billions into the economy, they are printing money out of thin air.
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