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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

Well I don't think the word "porno" is bad, considering I google it at least 10 times a day :P. seriously though no the word is not bad, after all what is a word but a vocalization, and no you can not say a word is bad because of it's denotative meaning, as the denotative meaning of words change greatly over time. so you can say what is bad is the connocative meaning people associate with the word. of course people like blue who have been abuse will have a different connotative meaning of porno, so will some christians, and people who represent other "morality based organizations". So to me no Zack and Miri make a porno isn't a bad title, actually it's not a title at all, it's basically just the exact description of the movie. Personally I think it's worse to edit it and not let people know what they are seeing. What if some couple just sees the picture and think it's a romantic clean cut comedy by the title of Zack and Miri, and have no idea it's a raunchy seth and smith master piece the likes of which many of us know and love. Put porno so anyone who is offended can stay away from not just reading it BUT WATCHING IT. Or how about P-OR-NO, then it's more like a question if you have to use the rest room or not P? or no?. BTW i'm thinking of emailing my buddy smith and saying i got the script for Zack and Miri make a Gothic/Nazi/Satanic/Triple Anal Princess/Two D1ck and a Dildo/Midget on Horseback/Musical-Action-War time Drama-Horror for the NWO movie Staring Jude Law as Seth Rogan.....hmmm can we say BlockBuster...........of course it will be IMAX only pffft expect anything less than porno in 3D?.........point of that last rambling, ya it could of been much worse than just porno, not exactly pushing the bar in my opinion. Plus, it's just a good movie haha.

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