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Exclamation Weather Terrorism and Silver Iodide = Chemtrails

There's a major (Cat 4) hurricane in the Caymans named Paloma.

The latest a major hurricane made landfall in the US was Oct 25, 1921.

Current path doesn't show it actually headed for the US, but it is hooking in towards the East Coast of Florida, so it is worth keeping and eye on.


Is the government helping these hurricanes.


Scientists a step closer to steering hurricanes

"Last month scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced that they had simulated the effect of sowing clouds with microscopic dust to cool the hurricane's base, also weakening it. The dust would attract water but would form droplets too small to fall as rain. Instead, they would rise and evaporate, cooling hot air at the hurricane base."
By Tim Shipman in Washington
Last Updated: 2:25AM BST 24 Oct 2007
Scientists a step closer to steering hurricanes - Telegraph

In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States government attempted to weaken hurricanes through Project Stormfury by seeding selected storms with silver iodide.
Tropical cyclone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And they are STILL going strong.


On October 22, utility giant Pacific Gas and Electric posted a “Notice Of Intention” in the Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers outlining their plan to conduct a five-year “weather modification” program in southern Siskiyou County.

Many wondered, “Wait a second… Our weather is going to be controlled by PG&E?”
According to the notice, the answer is yes, at least partly. For some Siskiyou County residents, this is an unsettling thought, and many are demanding more information.

The program, called the “Pit-McCloud Cloud Seeding – Ground Water Enhancement Project,” is one of several projects of its kind throughout California. It is slated to begin on November 15 of this year and will involve “cloud seeding” over a target area “east of McCloud town, north of Burney town, south of Medicine Lake and bounded on the east by the White Horse and Big Valley mountains,” according to the NOI. The goal of the program, states PG&E, is to increase precipitation in the McCloud and Pit River watersheds in order to promote and protect the production of hydroelectric power.
PG&E weather modification plan raises concerns - Mount Shasta, CA - Mount Shasta Herald

Let's see, how good is this for us??

The Office of Environment, Health and Safety, UC Berkeley, rates silver iodide as a Class C, non-soluble, inorganic, hazardous chemical that pollutes water and soil.(8) It has been found to be highly toxic to fish, livestock and humans.(6,7,8,9) Numerous medical articles demonstrate that humans absorb silver iodide through the lungs, nose, skin, and GI tract.(7,8,9) Mild toxicity can cause GI irritation, renal and pulmonary lesions, and mild argyria (blue or black discoloration of the skin). Severe toxicity can result in hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, shock, enlarged heart, severe argyria, and death by respiratory depression.

Moreover, a key manufacturer of silver iodide for weather modification, Deepwater Chemicals, warns of potential health effects of silver iodide in their Material Safety Data Sheet as follows:
Chronic Exposure/Target Organs: Chronic ingestion of iodides may produce “iodism”, which may be manifested by skin rash, running nose, headache and irritation of the mucous membranes. Weakness, anemia, loss of weight and general depression may also occur. Chronic inhalation or ingestion may cause argyria characterized by blue-gray discoloration of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Chronic skin contact may cause permanent discoloration of the skin.
Is Cloud Seeding Harmful

So, what does the current cloud seeding operation look like?

Some scientists and water resource managers are wary because they believe that weather modification research conducted thus far shows inconclusive results. They seek additional scientific investigations to demonstrate quantitatively the benefits of cloud seeding.
Others remain fully convinced that weather modification holds great promise to augment water resources. They believe its premise is sound and scientific findings promising. They believe its potential will be realized with more research and the eventual application of cloud seeding activities.
Weather Modification

INCONCLUSIVE RESULTS???? WTF!!! Have you taken a look at the forests lately???

Following its destruction of tens of millions of lodgepole pine acres in Canada, the mountain pine beetle has nibbled its way south, killing forests throughout the Rocky Mountain West, including Northwest Colorado. Experts in Canada and the U.S. are beginning to call the insect epidemic the worst on record.
The Steamboat Pilot & Today: How the West was lost

All these brilliant scientist can't put two and two together? Beetles take advantage of dead and dying trees. The sap from a healthy pine traps and kills the beatles. The beatles are the forests ways of cleaning it up from debris. The trees are also dying from the tops down, suggesting root issues, since it's hardest for the tree to get water to the top parts through the roots.

If you pump silver iodide over the trees, the trees gather this up, since they also act as air filters. Trees are dying.

People, will soon start dropping dead for no reasons. In fact, it's already happening. Perfectly healthy joggers, althletes, dropping dead. Increased asthma, diabetes, cancer, restless leg syndrome, erectile dysfunction, depression, alzheimers,.... you get the picture.

Now, what are we going to do about it?

Perform random acts of kindness on strangers who are in need.

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