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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

Well hell, who wants to wait to get married and have a family to have sex? So movies like this lead to more young naive women with low self esteem and a daddy complex who are willing to do anything twice. Can't say I have not reaped the rewards of this agenda desensitization of our sexual inhibitions. All i'm saying is if Kevin Smith is actually secretly helping me get laid through his films, well I got to buy that man a drink. Of course there are different meanings of the word "pornography", is it just nudity? some would say, others would say that can be art, is it two or more people naked together? sexual discriptions? implied penetration? visible penetration? wait Lets google it...."anything that is created to cause sexual excitement or arousel" women are your underwear? yes it's pornography, it was created not for support but to cause men's sexual excitement. oh wait are we going to ban victoria secrets?, btw if a someone makes a porno for educational purposes and not to sexually excite or arouse people does that no longer make it pornography? how about if the actors in a porno are extremely ugly and no one was excited, or infact it actually was made to disgust people and turn them away from having any sexual excitement, now that might be a new industry. a company that makes movies with heavy sexual content that is designed to be disgusting would still be pornography by some, but not by all. So in the end the definition is based upon the given "intent". Now I can argue that Blue comes on here to talk in detail about her mindcontrol springstein orgies with the soul purpose to sexual excite various members in the hopes of them privately messaging her, so she can cyber mind control webcam screw these lonely bastards while her husband video tapes the whole thing for their private website, which of course they use to supplement their income. Now Blue if your story gave even one member a chubby while they thought about springstein gimp ball gagging you and donkey punching you in the back of the head while singing Born in the USA, are you a Smut peddler? are you only at fault if you profit from it? is free porn still porn? was your intention to inform or to arouse? maybe you should look at yourself before you hate on good o'l kevin smith.
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