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Default Don't sign up for animal ID system

I'll let the article speak for itself but I have a question.

Is the left just totally blind to the corporate plans being hatched to destroy family farmers, or, in urban lingo, "sustainable agriculture"?

Or are we just insensitive to their being massively discriminated against and all their rights being tromped under, because they're conservatives?

An article here this last week mentioned all the regulatory moves being slipped past everyone right now by Bush before he (hopefully) exists. Deregulation of mountain removal and every kind of deregulatory gift to industries of every kind. So what do you make the regulatory move being made against farmers (making NAIS mandatory despite MASSIVE farmer resistance to it) not even being included in that article?

And what do you make of the USDA pushing "increased regulation" here, since all other slippery moves being made are "anti"-regulatory? When does the left wake up to finally seeing that regulations being pushed for "food safey" are being pushed by corporations, have NOTHING to do with safety and everything to do with eliminating the competition - real farmers?
The Shock Doctrine: Don't sign up for animal ID system
Don't sign up for animal ID system

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