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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

Originally Posted by Mr.NAFTA View Post
Now I can argue that Blue comes on here to talk in detail about her mindcontrol springstein orgies with the soul purpose to sexual excite various members in the hopes of them privately messaging her, so she can cyber mind control webcam screw these lonely bastards while her husband video tapes the whole thing for their private website, which of course they use to supplement their income. Now Blue if your story gave even one member a chubby while they thought about springstein gimp ball gagging you and donkey punching you in the back of the head while singing Born in the USA, are you a Smut peddler? are you only at fault if you profit from it? is free porn still porn? was your intention to inform or to arouse? maybe you should look at yourself before you hate on good o'l kevin smith.
I seriously doubt most people who know about mind control and the traumatization that the victims experienced and, even those who don't, but read my thread, would argue that what I write about my victimization is in the hopes of giving another member a chubby so that they PM me.

You're one sick bastard!

But, you've made that evident.

Like you said, you google pornography about 100 times a day.

So, it's understandable that when I write about sexual abuse, you believe it is to sexaully arouse others.

You sound like ONE OF THEM.

A sadistic pig!

Springsteen would be one of the SMUT peddlars, NOT I.

I've been faithfully married for 26 year and I have no desire to elicit a sexual encounter with anyone other than my husband.

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