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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

Originally Posted by Mr.NAFTA View Post
I was simply playing the devil's advocate to your statement about "There isn't a different meaning of the word pornography." I take that stance that it is open to Interpretation. People have the right to express themselves. You express publically events that happened to you in your life. Well some of those events are sexually explict, which can be defined as pornography by some. Just the same as when retired pornstars write their biographies, which of course is going to contain sexual material, and are then labeled pornographic by religious groups of walmart bans the sell of the book. No where is any definition did it say pornography was defined by if the people did it for money or mindcontrol. You want it both ways, but guess what, if you do it and you talk about it, then your guilty of it.
Sorry, but pornography is pornography and there is only definition for same. It's not open to interpretation.

Those who partake in such of their own free will are porn stars.

Being a victim of sexual abuse in a mind control program and used in Mafia/CIA pornography when a child against my own free will and writing about it, isn't pornography, pal.

It's a CRIME!

If you or anyone else infers the same to be pornography, you are one SICK PUPPY!

It's about sexual deviants who abuse children, pal.

That isn't pornography.

It's a crime!

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