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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

Originally Posted by Mr.NAFTA View Post
First off, my names not pal, and i'm in no way your pal.

Hey, pal.

Many children are not paid to be in "child pornography" but it's still pornography, so what your saying pornography is only present when someone is paid and then they are considered a pornstar if they do it willingly for money?

Many children aren't paid to be in pornography, you say. EEK!! Really? Some are paid? Yikes! Otherwise, the rest are forced, right?

Yep. I'm saying pornography is pornography whether you're paid or not. Whether you're a porn star partaking in such of your own free will or a CHILD forced to partake in PORNOGRAPHY against your own free will. However, there's a difference, pal? Do you see the difference betwen a child being forced against their own free will and an adult doing so of their own choosing?

Yeah your logic has more holes than swiss cheese. Pornography isn't about free will. Most of it is made against people's will or wishes. It's still pornography.

Children who are forced to partake in pornography are doing so against their own free will. Get it? FORCED? Most pornography is made against people's will or wishes, you say. Where are you living? Under a rock? There is a ton of pornography out there made of people's own free will and wishes.

It can be mindcontrol, or financial control, either way they are being manipulated and controlled. What you are writing is pornographic material, you can say it's a crime. The only thing criminal about it is that you constantly post it publicly where others read it.

Not every porn star is being manipulated or controlled. What I'm writing about is not pornographic material. I'm writing about criminal activities perpetrated against me when I was a child. PERIOD! For you to think that posting it publicly for others to read is criminal, is, well, RIDICULOUS!

Yes if it's a crime you would get off your ass and do something about it. Oh wait you can't right? because you've been married to your husband for 26 years, so i'm guessing your last abuse was at least that long ago, and since they didn't murder you, well you probably let the statue of limitations run out so even if you have any proof it's useless.

It is a crime. Not, IF it's a crime. There isn't a statue of limitations, pal, so the proof and evidence are still valid. I'm writing about it, pal. That's doing something. Sorry, if I'm not working fast enough for you, but I don't exist to please you.

Well you know what is criminal that you didn't get off your ass and do more to help those children still involved in the program and spend your time on here arguing with me about kevin smith films.

Oh, yeah, it's real criminal of me cause I haven't gotten off my ass and done more. You have no clue what I've done, pal.

Wow your a real proactive victim/survivor arn't you? If you have knowledge of a crime and evidence and don't come forward your apart of that crime, your just as guilty, your apart of covering it up.

Oh, please. Stop telling me I'm guilty of something for which I am not. I'm not covering anything up. I think you've read about it here.

Every person who was abused after you, every person who could of been helped, ever person who hasn't recovered from their mindcontrol like you were able to is being victimized and you do what to help them? What are you doing to help them?

Excuse me, pal, but I'm doing a hell of a lot more than you are; however, I'm not responsible for the actions of the perverts against children incarcerated in these programs.

Posting on here where nothing will ever get done about the problem. Your the sicko, look in the mirror, i'm not the one who was abused and let my abuser go on abusing others so I can sit at home with my family on my computer enjoying my life while others suffer.

Sorry, pal, but it's out of my hands. Posting on this forum has been the most cathartic experience I could have ever imagined. Why do you think they sent me away; traumatized me; tortured me; attempted to leave me for brain dead? So Springsteen and the other perpetrators could remain free and continue abusing children.

You got out, you have a responsiblity, and yet you just spend your energy mouthing off to me?

I'll spend my energy as I see fit.

You are not a child anymore, your a damn adult, your not a victim anymore your a survivor, your not a slave anymore your free, yet what do you do to help those still being victimize, what are you doing to free those who are still enslaved, what do you do to help those who are still children?

What do you do to help those who are still being victimized?

Stop ignoring your resposiblities by babbling on about kevin smith to me. You have evidence your keeping, won't give us, pictures you hiding from us, names your still holding back, lady the only crime being commited here is by you. There crimes against you are long passed, but everyday you cover this up your the commiting the crime.

Who the hell are WE? Are you more than one? Split/alters? Oh, yeah, I'm committing a crime. Give me a break, fool! It's out of my hands, but be patient. The time is near.
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