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Default Re: Weather Terrorism and Silver Iodide = Chemtrails

Not only are they spraying silver iodide, they are also spraying Liquid Carbon Dioxide, hence the blue hue to some trails, and the persistent haze.

Department of Meteorology, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112, USA

Abstract. A precipitation augmentation experiment based
on a new airborne liquid carbon dioxide (LC) seeding at low
level of supercooled convective clouds was carried out in
Northern Kyushu, Japan. It is inferred that the new seeding
method consisting of LOLEPSHIN contributed to the growth
of artificially formed ice particles with horizontal spreading
of cloud volume through the artificially induced dynamic and
microphysical processes consisting of two fundamental processes,
RETHIT and FILAS. In addition, it was found that
dynamical interaction between the seeded and the adjacent
natural cumuli was important factor in the formation of the
secondary cumulus.

I took the above shot two days ago. I used a generic 10X Zoom camera. Aren't these planes supposed to be around 5 miles away? There is no major airport within 200 miles, and we are surrounded by 14,000 ft peaks.
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