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Default Re: Weather Terrorism and Silver Iodide = Chemtrails

Gone are the days of natural wind, snow and rain, clouds ... and even sunshine. Our sunlight is now filtered through a silvery-white metallic haze, creating glare as never before.
Mainstream media are reporting a phenomenon called "global dimming." NASA has admitted a major loss of sunlight to the earth in the last couple of decades -- as much as 20%. Here's the current logic peddled by authorities: An increase in passenger airline traffic is causing contrails that create a kind of artificial cloud cover, which is causing global dimming. We don't exactly know why, but we should be glad of this, as global dimming is one solution to global warming. Keeping sunlight off the earth will help to cool it.

However, as even a fool knows, loss of sunlight means plants cannot make food (remember photosynthesis?), and plants feed the entire food chain. So the spraying is blocking the sun, and a planet with less light will allow MOLDS and FUNGUS to grow
9/11 We Know - Weather Modification

WITH farmers across most of NSW and Australia increasingly desperate for soaking rain, cloud seeding to coax reluctant clouds to dump their burden of moisture could be back on the agenda.
Cloud seeding usually involves spraying silver iodide from aircraft into promising clouds to provide nuclei around which water droplets will form.
Clouds may have silver lining yet - State News - Agribusiness and General - General - The Land

I read the article Oct. 14, "Seeds in the clouds may protect seeds in the field." The Western Kansas Weather Modification Program wants to reduce the size of hail and increase rainfall by spraying silver iodide in the clouds.

Now, I don't know if this concerns anyone else, but I checked out a Material Safety Data Sheet on silver iodide just to see what this was and if there were any safety hazards - because we all know what goes up must come down.

This means silver iodide has been coming down into lakes, rivers, creeks, soil and your homes and onto you, your car and your children playing in the yard. This program started in 1975. How much of this stuff has been sprayed in the air?

Potential health effects: May cause eye irritation. May cause skin irritation, exzema and rash. May cause irritation of the digestive tract. Toxicological properties of this substance have not been fully investigated. Chronic ingestion of iodides during pregancy has resulted in fetal death, severe goiter and cretinoid appearance of the newborn.

And that's just for starters.
Letters to the editor | Topeka Capital-Journal, The | Find Articles at BNET

The evidence is overwhelming. Wake up folks, this is the most important thing we've got going against us right now.

Manipulating the weather might not be the more eco-friendly choice in the world, but that didnít stop LA County leaders from unanimously approving an $800,000 cloud seeding plan.

Spraying silver iodide into clouds to try to make them yield more precipitation is a lot more common than you might expect. Apparently, LA has been doing it off and on since the 50ís. With rainfall totals at record lows and increasing pressure being placed on the Colorado River, officials are not waiting for a miracle to save the day. The trouble with cloud seeding is: itís not an exact science and the environmental effects are not very well known.
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This needs to be stopped NOW!
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