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Default Re: Destroying the community

Yeah DaddyLongLeg, it really is that simple! In principal. The huge task is to get people to turn back to God - that's the complex problem we face today.

Our "civilization" has ended up so far from its normal, natural state that people today can't imagine matters to be THAT different. The idea of "Progress" make people believe the illusion - lie, in fact - that ours is THE most "evolved", sophisticated civilization there ever was.

Darwinism claims that out of nothing evolved - BY PURE CHANCE - something that by "natural selection evolved" into the most perfect entity there ever was and that we eventually become GODS if we follow this "evolution" to its "natural" conclusion.

The Traditional outlook is the complete opposite: in the Beginning of Time we had The Golden Age. This age ended and a Silver Age took its place. After a Bronze Age we now live in the Iron Age or Dark Age of the Kali Yuga, according to Hindu Tradition. This doctrine is a Universal one. In every Tradition you can find the corresponding doctrine; for instance, in the Nordic/Hyperborean Tradition it's called Ragnarokkr/Ragnarök (Wagner's Götterdämmerung).

Since the nature of Order is decadence into Chaos this chain of events is unstoppable.

The process Ahmad describes is the only way I think Order can be reinstated. I also believe this to be impossible on the large scale it would need to be established. The kind of community Ahmad describes is the kind also truebeliever has been talking about and that kind of community would be the most enormous threat to status quo, that is to The State <a href="
">Butler Shaffer</a> talks about. It would have to come to a serious stand off situation between the State and that kind of Community, where a lot of blood would have to be spilt and a lot of destruction take place. The State would wreak this havoc in its fight for survival, and not because the Community wants a bloody revolution.

I've ran out of steam for the moment but for anyone interested in the concept of the World of Tradition, the concept of the four Ages follow these links:

<a href=" 4a9f5bed702a28044cd7f8dea2c">SOLIPSISM - KALI-YUGA - RIGHT-WING ATTITUDE by Ferenc Buji</a>
<a href=" 4a9f5bed702a28044cd7f8dea2c">INTEGRAL TRADITION Revolt against the modern world CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION</a>
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