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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

"Hey, pal."
Real adult of you.

Yes it is and that's about as much respect as you will receive from me.

"Many children aren't paid to be in pornography, you say. EEK!! Really? Some are paid? Yikes! Otherwise, the rest are forced, right?"

Anyone who has taken any kind of formal debating classes will tell you never to make statements with absolutes. There is the possiblity that some children are given money for say their families in 3rd world countries to lure them into agreeing to be in pornography.

Who made a statement with absolutes? I certainly agree that some children ARE FORCED into pornography by their parents and are given money, but that money doesn't remain with the child. It goes to the family; and, therefore, the children are forced to do so for their parent's benefit and if they do so of their own free will, the adults who engage in these acts with them are the criminals.

"Yep. I'm saying pornography is pornography whether you're paid or not. Whether you're a porn star partaking in such of your own free will or a CHILD forced to partake in PORNOGRAPHY against your own free will. However, there's a difference, pal? Do you see the difference betwen a child being forced against their own free will and an adult doing so of their own choosing?"

There have been well documented cases of children agreeing to partake in being filmed doing sexual favors for men, one which famous case was a Russian guy who took money for many rich europeans to make custom kiddy porn sex tapes with torture and even snuffing. So yes some children agree to be in these movies of their own free will, but you know what lady that doesn't fucking count because they arn't mature enough mentally to make those kinds of decisions.

Excuse me, but I've never said that children who agree to partake in being filmed doing sexual favors for men do so of their own free will. I've said those adults who film them are the criminals and not the children.

Like many pornstars who have been abused and are stuck in a childish mental state are not mature enough to consent to such contracts. Oh you doubt me children have agreed to take money to be in porn?

I'm sure there are many porn stars who are stuck in a child like state and are not mature enough to consent to such contracts, but, unfortunately, in that respect, it doesn't matter. It's their age that counts. I never doubted that children have agreed to take money to be in porn. Seems you're making things up as you go along here, pal. I've said, those children who do so are not committing a criminal act. Those adults who intice them with money are the criminals.

History lesson for you, why don't you look up tracilords, entered porn underage with a fake ID at about 15-16, made a lot of money doing it too, but it's still kiddy porn. Oh wow blow your mind that a child would actually lie there way into porn?

Excuse me, again, but why would a fake ID showing that you're 15 or 16 benefit the child? The adult who sees the ID and knows the child is underage, is the criminal.

doesn't matter these pornstars have the minds of children, yet you hold them fully resposible for their actions. You don't know what abuse they suffered, you don't know their hidden pasts. No you just like to sit back and judge like your the only one who has ever been a victim or taken advantage of, your such a creep.

Not every porn star has the mind of a child, pal. Get real. I'm not judging anyone. I said there are porn stars who partake in pornography of their own free will. Let me elaborate. By law, they engage in pornography of their own free will because they are adults. There are children who are lured with money and the adults who partake in these actions with children are the criminals . There are those imprisoned in mind control cults who have no choice but to do as they are told to do.

"Children who are forced to partake in pornography are doing so against their own free will. Get it? FORCED? Alot of pornography is not made against people's will or wishes, you say. Where are you living? Under a rock? There is a ton of pornography out there made of people's own free will and wishes."

Again I will point out Traci Lords, free will vs. being forced? Your narrow mindness is shocking. Adults can be forced, or have the minds of children and manipulated, and children have don't pornography of their own free will, doesn't make it any less wrong. Open your eyes.

I would think that adults who engage in pornography and have the minds of children and are manipulated are under control to a certain degree. However, not all adults who partake in pornography are being manipulated.

"Not every porn star is being manipulated or controlled. What I'm writing about is not pornographic material. I'm writing about criminal activities perpetrated against me when I was a child. PERIOD! For you to think that posting it publicly for others to read is criminal, is, well, RIDICULOUS!"

Oh so now your an expert on pornstars, which ones are in control, how about a list of names of which are in control and which are being manipulated. Boycott all those not in control, do tell, who? come on who? listen them all out, your got the energy.

No. I'm not an expert on porn stars. But, it would stand to reason that not every porn star is being manipulated.

"It is a crime. Not, IF it's a crime. There is not statue of limitations, pal, so the proof and evidence is still valid."

List which laws they have broken that you have proof of, I'd like to research this "no statue of limitations" bullshit.

A statute of limitations does not apply and, are you kidding me? You don't know what laws they have broken?

"Oh, yeah, it's real criminal of me cause I haven't gotten off my ass and done more. You'll see. You have no clue what I've done, pal."

No I have no clue what you've done, that's the problem missy, more people should be informed of what you've done, but no. Why do you babbling about the same crap over and over but never give the details about the proof and what you've done. Why do I not have a clue what you have done? Share with us all in detail what you've done.

Go read the mind control within the music industry thread and stop being lazy. I don't have to share with you or anyone else any other details and I certainly don't have to provide you with proof of anything.

"Oh, please. Stop telling me I'm guilty of something for which I am not. I'm not covering anything up. I think you've read about it here."

Your guilty of not going enough.

I'm guilty of nothing and for you to state that I'm guilty of not going enough is insane. You have no clue what I went through.

I'm certain you are the one who is judging.

"Excuse me, pal, but I'm not responsible for the actions of the perverts against children. They are."

Sure back out and point the finger at someone else. Miss I didn't do anything, that's the problem you don't do anything. Your like a mom who watches her husband abuse their kids for 20 years while she sits back and goes I didn't do anything, he beat me too. Yeah your a grown damn woman your suppose to raise to the occassion, not hide the the details of the truth.

Back out of what? I'm certainly not pointing the finger at anyone else. Oh, stop with accusing me of not doing anything or not doing enough. I did plenty. I'm certainly not responsible for the actions of every pervert in this world. They are responsible for their own actions. Sorry, pal, but your logic is twisted. I escaped a "mind control," trauma-based cult and your accusing me of not doing enough. Don't tell me what kind of a mother I am.

I have risen to the occasion, pal and since I don't know you and you don't know me, you have no clue from what I have risen.

BTW, my life isn't any of your business.

"Sorry, pal, but I didn't allow Springsteen to go on abusing children. Why in the world do you think that I allowed any of the perverts to go free and continue abusing others?"

Because you say you have proof yet he is still making god aweful music, first of all he's has no talent, so I have not doubt he didn't something dirty to get a music contract in the first place. Why don't you take these perverts down TONIGHT, TOMORROW, stop waiting, I'm sick of hearing out him still making records, they all suck, get off your ass and stop him.

I could care less about stopping Springsteen from making music even though it is awful. That wasn't my concern. The proof I provided is in safe hands and safe keeping. My protectors will determine how, when and where to release it. I trust their judgment.

"I'll spend my energy as I see fit."

Yeah verbally abusing me, instead of being down the no talent ass bruce, good job I hope your children are proud.

You would be the one who is verbally abusive and my children are very proud of me.

"What do you do to help those who are still being victimized?"

I am not the one with proof. If I had the proof I'd use it, I'd mass email it to everyone, fax it to the world, europe, asia the middle east, all his pictures, everything. I don't have it thought do I? I have no proof because it didn't happen to me. Why are you always diverting the focus of action away from yourself?

As I said, the evidence rests in the hands of my protectors and they will determine when and where. I trust their judgement. I don't divert. I hae spent several hours responding to your comment of which you should be grateful

"Who the hell are WE? Are you more than one? Split/alters? Oh, yeah, I'm committing a crime. Give me a break, fool!"

"We" the many, the internet, the gobal information superhigh way, the "we's" that are all linked together, I don't ask for it just personally, I'm not selfish, I ask for the proof on behalf of the world!!!!!!!! Yes not coming forward to law enforcement with evidence IT A CRIME!!!!!!! your the fool!!!!! PAL

I wouldn't be where I am today, if I were a fool.

From where does your anger derive itself?

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