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Default Re: How The Qur'an Came To Be

nomad wrote:
The fact that Islam has not been able to adapt

to a modern technological world is a proof that

whoever authored it could not produce leaders

to push the world forward and that given the

advantage of having oil on their side. Take a look

at Israel, with no resources they compete with the

best on the planet techologically. Why ? Maybe

whoever authored the Torah was smarter than

whoever authored the Koran ?
I dunno.. while "Christian" Europe languished in the Dark Ages, the Moslem Arabs were the most advanced civilization on earth, and in some sense they preserved "Western" civilization while Europe was lost.

Algebra, chemistry, etc, they all come from the Arabs..

Israel's success is 1000% the result of U.S. taxpayer support, and, incidentally, the subjugation and technological repression of Arab countries is also 1000% the result of U.S. taxpayer support.. I don't think you can make a call regarding technological sophisication of Islamd/Judaism just by looking at Israel/Middle EAst.. it's not exactly a fair, "blind" experiment..
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