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Default Re: Is Harry Potter Initiating Children Into Magic, Wicca, Witchcraft & Satanism?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
So are classic fairy tales like Pinoccio or Snowwhite. Rowling just writes modern fairy tales that are entirely harmless.

How do you know that?

If they hadn't had read Rowling, they might have become inspired by Tolkien. If they wouldn't have read Tolkien either, they might have been inspired by something else. Just because Harry Potter inspired some young girls to gain an interest in Wicca, that doesn't mean Rowling is part of some elaborate New Age conspiracy

IMO, the average Christian publication is far more dangerous than the harmless entertainment produced by Rowling. The more I look at the kind of rubbish produced by Christians on this site, the more obvious that becomes.
The way you quote is so annoying.

Anyway, yeah.

Most fairytales are introducing children to an alter reality.

Get it???

Need I say more?

How do I know JK Rowlings didn't write these books on her own?

Cause I'm intelligent enough to know that this woman who was dirt poor and had scraps of paper laying around about a
fairy-tale involving a wizard and, who was unable to put this story into published form for a very long time while living practically homeless, didn't all of a sudden one day do it on her own.

She received help from the CONTROLLERS in accomoplishing this task and bringing the occult to the minds of our children through cinema and book form while she and they made billions in the process.

They making more, of course.

The CONTROLLERS use others to peddle their bullshit and make them rich and famous in the process.

The same way they made Springsteen something he isn't through studio magic and publicity hype.

You didn't know this?

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