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Default Re: "Beyond 2012 - Geoff Stray" WAW

Originally Posted by ConX View Post
10,000 comedians otta work and he's cracking not stock up on food and stuff cause nothing is going to happen just another one of the 1000's of failed prophecies,,,,,,,,sorry all those who want dooms day will have to wait a little longer......
It's amazing, isn't it?

All these people who can't seem to wait until the end of the world.


Talk about a bunch of unhappy campers.


Why would they be looking forward to the end of the world?

Are they desperate for this prophecy to be fulfilled because they've told others they believe and want to be proven right?

That's pathetic.

Don't cha think?

If the prophecy becomes reality, there won't be anyone around for them to say, "I told you so to."

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