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Default Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education

Too many people, even popular/celebrity
"libertarians" and "anti-statists"
are in favour of education socialism,
education backed by coercive government funding.
Their very attendance ( that is their very actions ) or employment or
insistence of degree requirement of others
contradicts their anti-statism stance elsewhere.
It is illegal to attend or work for
state/public university because
ALL TAXATION IS THEFT, so these people
are accepting the benefits of stolen money,
money that has been stolen ( taxed )
from hardworking, laissez-faire employed
fathers ( and here is where the incredible
damage to tax victim fathers is overlooked
and completely ignored by the education socialists).
It is illegal because the
states' law of theft ( taxation )
is in itself "illegal".
A moral, righteous person would refuse
to, and not want to, participate in
Statist/Theftist schooling/anti-education.

Spiritually, this evil funding to do "good"
tripwires a spiritual law
of bad karma or more correctly,
God curses the education so that
people are taught lies, and
the truth is withheld from them
in every subject area.

Theftist/Statist education-initials
after a persons name should be renounced.
Once the initials are renounced the person
should be forgiven of their education crimes.
Then they can start real learning from
non-State sources. Whenever you see
Theftist/Statist university degree initials
translate them in your mind to read
"I.D.I.O.T." and "T.H.I.E.F."
( I'm only referring to the Statist/Theftist portion
of a persons education here, not what a person
has learned on their own from
non-stolen-education sources).

If you are the CEO of a company,
only hire people who do not have a
"degree" and those who have renounced their
Statist/Theftist degree. Refuse to hire the others
until they renounce their socialist degree.
Also, initiate some sort of
apprenticeship program within your organization
for young people to learn from the older
experienced people.

Also Statist/Theftist public university
paycheck collectors/professors and student
attendees should not be allowed to write
for "libertarian/free-market" publications
and websites until they have quit or renounced
their "degree" of a stolen/socialist
education. These people, ipso facto,
have established a rule that one can
be an instigator of socialism (theftism)
and write against it too. That is called doublethink or being doubleminded.

Signed, Rushdoony, S.E.P. ( Self-Educated Person )

* P.S. - I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I attended Statist/Theftist/Liar
public university
for two years. Please forgive me everyone for
being a thief and a learner of Statist lies
( I.D.I.O.T. )for two whole years.
I quit so I could start learning for real
and spending my own money to do so.

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