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Default Re: Arizona Charges 8 year-old Boy With Murder

I don't understand why the article says that the boy is in JAIL.

Must be a mistake.

He's eight years old.

You don't put an eight year old child in jail.

Secondly, I don't see within the article that the boy confessed.

Two adults killed by an eight year old boy.

That seems very odd.

Can an eight year old even comprehend something of this magnitude?

Could someone else have committed the crime and fled?

Did the police ask these pertinent questions?

Why the rush to judgement?

Is there a cover-up going on?

What did the boy tell the neighbor other than he thought his father was dead?

Did the neighbor ask him any questions?

Someone get this kid an ATTORNEY who makes a stink about the action of the two police officers who questioned him without representation.

This child has rights whether he committed the crime or not.

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