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Default Re: How The Qur'an Came To Be

I now understand exactly how the disinformation gets spread around the internet, through hearsay.

I believe you should take 10 minutes to reflect on your attitude, you read an article that is full of assumptions, conjecture and then start spreading it! is that really honest?

The author says: "The burden of proof is now clearly on the Muslims"

Actually the burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused.

Anyway, i will try to clarify some points here.

1- "Modern scholars using sound principles of literary analysis have determined that the Qur'an did not come from Muhammad. He did not recite it and actually never saw a copy of it. It was not put together in its present written form until nearly one hundred and fifty years after Muhammad's death."

What really happened is that Muhammad wrote Quran over 20 years whenever he got the inspiration from God through Gabriel. Then before his death, he left detailed instructions with his followers concerning the order of the chapters. 19 years after he died during the reign of 'Uthman, a committee of scribes was appointed to put the book in order according to the instructions left by Muhammad from the original copy written by him.

The idoloaters of Mecca then injected two false verses at the end of chapter 9 (intended to exalt Muhammad, their new idol), Muhammad's cousin Ali objected and this resulted in a 50 years war between the Sunni (Muhammad's worshipers) and the Shi'a (supporters of Ali), this war ended with victory for the Sunnis (now more than 90% of teh muslims are Sunni), later the Shi'a themselves idolized their leader, Ali and made him their idol (along with his sons Hassan &Hussein).

What we can find now is two factions still fighting, the Sunni who have their own collection of "Hadith, false sayings attributed to Muhammad" and the Shiites with their own collection of false sayings "Hadith" attributed to both Ali and Muhammad.

The simple question is, wouldn't they stop fighting if they return to the one book "Quran"?

Satan can not divide the people unless he divides the one law into many so that each party will get biased and form a sect.

But regardless of the fact that the burden of proof is on the accuser, we finally have a proof, an incontrovertible physical proof for you to verify.

A mathematical miracle was discovered in the book 1974 that proves that every letter is devinly authored, this miracle is intended to convince the Christians and the Jews that the book is the final testament to them from God, it also purified the book from the two false verses that didn't conform with the simple superhuman mathematical composition, and because it exposed the false teachings of "Hadith" as man made and unproven, the Muslims rejected it and now they are paying the price.

Introduction to the miracle:

More details by the discoverer of it, Rashad Khalifa (i am not associated with this link though):


The final prophet Muhammad is mentioned in :

1- Deutronomy 18:15 / 18:18-19

2- John 14:16-17 / John 16:13

The messenger of the covenant who discovered the miracle in 1974 is mentioned in:

1- Malachi 3:1-3
2- Quran 3:81


But without believing first in the message, no miracle on earth can convince you, so i urge you to read a part of Quran first before judging it based on conjecture and a poorly researched article.

Read Quran, the final testament here:

(I am not affiliated with the above website.)

I know that it may sound weird because of the vicious scheme of Satan to discredit Quran, however it is the final proven testament to all humanity, the muslims of today are stuck in one phase of the religion of God "Submission", and that's why they refuse to translate the word "Islam" and that's why they prefer it a tribal arab religion, and that's why they invented all the false dress codes, beards, scarfs, changing the name of the converts and heaps of nonsensical teachings that were never authorized by God and cannot be found anywhere in Quran.

But i believe the truth will finally prevail inspite of the propaganda, my advice to you is to reclaim your brain, question your beliefs, don't put your trust in a "Scholar" or a "reasercher" or your parents, you are a unique individual, you shall honour this gift by using it to find your own path, your own truth.

May God guide you to His straight path.
God\'s alternative, USN

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