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Default Re: This Is Not A Financial Crisis

Originally Posted by kilted_barbarian View Post
Actually, you are not quite correct on this. I just wrote a whole big post, but it somehow got deleted.

In short, the Federal Reserve cannot print money out of thin air. This is what would cause a hyperinflation (Germany, 1920's)

They are pumping billions into the economy. This can be 'wiped out' in a heartbeat on the stock exchange. So there is no accountabiity for this 'money'.

They can still afford to spend millions per day fighting other peoples wars.

There is a crisis at ground level. Hit people where they hurt and what do you get? Sore people.

Sort the problem out and what do you get? Loyal followers.

Watch what happens, and tell me when I am wrong that the British Prime Minister and the new President elect will get reelected following a miraculous turnaround in the world economy.
They're not pumping billions into the economy.

They're bailing out many of THIER banks who wouldn't otherwise survive, or so they say, due to the bad loans they purposefully gave to their customers who defaulted due to poor banking practices, but the banks made a whole hell of a lot of INTEREST money in the process.

Just another way for them to make a lot of money; cause an economic downturn; make people suffer and project that THEY are suffering, too.

This is one way in which they control the economy and people's lives.

They know what they're doing.

Why were all these banks practicing the same BAD procedures?

Do I think this is all a facade?

Yes, I do.

Did you see them print the $700 billion dollars in bail-out money?

Every time they tell US they're printing money out of thin air to finance their bullshit, every American sighs.

Oh, no.

Our children, our grandchildren, their children will be in debt forever.

Psychological operations.

The American citizen's suffered and I highly doubt that the banks were ever in jeopardy.

This is the way they are able to create a "reality" for us that truly doesn't exist.

There is no other reason why these banks made BAD loans other than they reaped great profits in the process.

I don't believe that our "housing crisis" is a global affair, either.

As far as the stock market, that's a facade too.

They alread wiped people out during the internet bubble burst.

All the hype was for that reason.

Invest, invest, invest.

You'll get rich in the stock market.

Who becomes rich from investing in the stock market?

People like Warren Buffet, related to Jimmy Buffet, who are millionaires to begin with.

People thought they were going to retire on what they had in the stock market because for a very long time it was safe so they let their money sit there and watched as they were robbed.

This was their objective.

Where does the money go when the stock market plummets?

Certainly not in the hands of the average Joe.

Sure, when the eonomy turns around, their PUPPET will most likely be re-elected.

Standard procedure.

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