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Default Re: Religion / Illuminati / ET's

truebeliever wrote:
I agree NOMAD. Read "The Hunt For Zero Point" by Nick Cook. It cant be denied that he could be an intelligence asset as he's an aircraft editor from Janes defnce Weekly. But...i believe he gives a good read on the origens of UFO sightings as cover for high tech weaponry and anti-gravity devices.

There is 3 trillion dollars missing from the American taxpayers purse. Me thinks i know where alot of it may have ended up.

It amazes me that people are so willing to believe in UFO's and little green men. I cant say that they dont exist, i would just caution people to look to a more Earthly explanation.

Why do we automatically assume there is another civilization far ahead of ours? Why ar'nt we the most advanced? This fantasy is one of a child, desperately waiting for a grownup to take all their worries away...perhaps also, it's a replacement for God?

As far as we know we are the most advanced and ONLY civilization in the Universe. Not a single radio signal has EVER been found originating from the depths of space.

Perhaps this will prove to be wrong. But until then, i hope we learn to respect the miracle of God's creation as the only one in the universe so far.
Aliens and reverse engineering technolology is

a perfect substitute for God ... it rationlizes

how perfect things just happen to be on Earth to

those of little faith.
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