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Default Re: A Personal Message To FMB (Free Mason Boy) In The Form Of A Quote From TB

T.B, L-O-L and then L-O-L and then L-O-L...and then, with a sigh...L-O-L, then makes a cup of tea and eats a Tim Tam with relish, then re-reads FMB's response, then chuckels, then L-O-L, T.B's new room mate comes down and asks why he's L-O-L...sighhh, Melanie, you'l never get it.
Neither does FMB

FMB's homework for this week. Read Bill Still's "New World Order: Ancient Plan Of Secret Societies".

For FMB's next trick he will be producing blood from a stone...still, you could always post with Rush...he got over 1200 views and serious responses that the Earth was'nt moving. Sorry Rush, i actually know you're sincere.
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