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Default Re: Hi I Am New Here!

Originally Posted by george View Post
It has always bothered me the way JFK died.Ever since,when i was young, i saw the Zapruder film and quiet frankly was shocked at the brutality that occurred.I also began to question the validity of the official explanation of what occurred.Since then i have become a skeptic of what i hear.The victor always writes his version of events into history books.I have come across certain information that i wish to share with you and it should send this forum alight.You're opinions will be greatly appreciated,because the information i have received is explosive.It could prove,finally,what conspiracy theorists have been saying regarding the EXECUTION of the President of the United States,is right.JFK ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACY
I am new to this site,and i really need help from you people in suggesting what i should do?
It probably bothers most of us.

Join the crowd and welcome.
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