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Default A Scream For Justice Jfk,final Prove

Thanks for the response.
It is clear that you are convinced that there was a conspiracy in regards to the JFK execution,and you are entirely right.However all our shouts for justice and the truth seems to fall on deaf ears.The murderer's got away with what they did and it is not right.
The Government do not take us seriously,and the majority of the public look at us with amusement.But,what happens if we can prove one part of what really happened beyond doubt by factual basis.Then will the government be forced to tell the truth.There is a vast amount of information about there by conspirators looking at different aspects of the case.But,what if they overlooked some small detail.The Government officials that made the initial investigation,were they told the whole truth or part truth?
I have come across this web page that was made using a military analysis that quite frankly shocked me.I have tried to tell people,but strange things are happening.Read the page,it's factual not a conspiracy.THE REAL TRUTH.
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