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Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
Will you not even entertain the idea that perhaps because you are still a low man on the totem pole (Worshipful Master is still not a 33 degree) you aren't privvy to everything that happens in the Masons?
I will say I am not privy to Scottish Rite Masonry (which is the 33rd side). For the Blue Lodge (Craft Masonry) I am privy to all it's doings as well as the York Rite. Unless you are in the group you wouldn't have a full grasp of everything. If a 33rd member comes into the Lodge he is just another member and must be respectful to the Worshipful Master. In the Scottish Rite a 33rd may be in charge, but you also have to realize we elect our leaders. Even to become a 33rd you must be invited by the Council (as far as I know). Freemasonry isn't a pole that ends with the 33rd. It's a tree with branches going off from the trunk (or Craft Masonry/Blue Lodge).
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