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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

Hello. Im new here btw, anyway.

Why should we trust you "Nowheretorun" ? You are doing the same thing as him.

Let us start with the word "christ/christos".

You are saying that Christ does not mean "oil", but just "anoint" but did you even research the word anoint?

Lets start.

Christ is the English term for the Greek Χριστός (Khristós) meaning "the anointed".

Press the word "anoint". You will get ---------->

To anoint is to pour or smear with perfumed oil, milk, water, melted butter or other substances.

Also it says :
Unction is another term for anointing. The oil may be called chrism.

Does it say that "oil" may be called "chrism" (wich looks kinda alike the word "christ/christos")

Lets continue:
The word is known in English since c. 1303, deriving from Old French enoint "smeared on," pp. of enoindre "smear on," itself from Latin inunguere, from in- "on" + unguere "to smear." Originally it only referred to grease or oil smeared on for medicinal purposes; its use in the Coverdale Bible in reference to Christ.

Let us see what it means:
So the word "Anoint" comes from the french word "Enoint" wich orignally reffered to "Grease or oil" smeared on and in the bible anoint/enoint referres to "Christ".

Now, Press the word "Chrism"-------->

You get:
Chrism (Greek word literally meaning "an anointing"), also called "Myrrh" (Myron), Holy oil or "Consecrated Oil," is a consecrated oil used in the Roman Catholic, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox churches

So if Chrism also called myrrh or holy oil litterrally mean "an antoining"
and "anoint" wich comes from the french word "enoints" wich means to get greased up with for example oil, it means you are greased up with Christ/christos/chrism, cause "oil" may also be called "Chrism".

I quote again:
"Chrism (Greek word literally meaning "an anointing"

2nd quote: "The oil may be called chrism."
(the arrows ">>>" represent what a word means)
Chrism >>> an anointing
Oil >>> Chrism

so if chrism means an anoiting and oil can be called "Chrism"
That means that oil >>> anoint also.

and if Christ/christos/chrism means "anoint"
and if anoint(chrism) can be called "Oil" and Anoint means "christos"
then Christ can be "oil".

Therfor Christ/christos can mean "oil".

Every heard they say "you must become one with god" ?
Also "jesus christ is the only way to heaven?"

and of course GOD is jesus christ.(in human form)

"Jesus Christ claimed to be God, the Creator of the cosmos, the one and only way by which we can enter into Heaven."

So if you want to become "One" with "God" you must become one with Jesus "christos".

and if christos = oil , how you get one with jesus/god? you grease yourself up with oil .

Now you have become ONE with JESUS aKa God.

(btw im not christian or religious.)

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