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Default Re: Global Warming = Weather Warfare

...If you spray this poisonous substance on the people, and by up pharmacutical stocks, and invest heavily in the health industry, you serve two purposes.

You get rid of the "useless eaters", which are the weak, the "unproductive"

But by making em sick slowly and over a period of time (i.e. cancer, alzheimers, heart disease, lung disease), you know, all the slooow killers, which cost a fortune and take up all of their savings and assets through the hospitals.

Then, give them cards, that they can "borrow" money till the get back on their feet. Run up the value of their homes, so they think all is well and flush, and get them to fall in love with material items, and rely less on each other.

Then at the peak of all this fortune and fame, take it all away from them, and give it back to them only if they accept a mark.

That mark will be a 3D, that will probably look like a logo, but will be a VISA brand. Literally. Many will accept it readily. Many will not, but will get it anyway because they are hungry, broke and cold.

But some, will never get it.
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