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friend of misery LOL far from it ... but

hey let's be realistic the NWO have a fantastic

game going ...

they print paper that costs 2 cents slap

$1000.00 U.S. and voila it buys that AND you

then YOU OWE them interest for the privilege of

borrowing the $1000.00 from them ...

let's take a IRAK the latest addition to their

colletion ... Bremer goes there to ensure that

the printers are secure ... they start printing

around the clock and start enslaving ALL Iraqis

to work for the paper they give them and indebting

them forever like they did to you and me ...

they bought up and control ALL the major media so

they are now ready for an fixed election ... they

do this in the United States of America and now

even by stealing the election with PRIVATE

companies running the voting machines that are

built with CLOSED source software AND Bush got

away with it !

What makes you think things will get better ?

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