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Default Australian Parliament-Paedophiles Named!

Just caught it on the news.

The "speaker" of I think the Victorian state parliament has resigned after naming an M.P and 2 high ranking police officers as paedophiles.

Several other M.P's signed "statuatary declarations" to the affect also.

Whats most amazing is that the parliament has sought to suspend "parliamentary privelege" so a search warrent can be served on the speaker who named the paedophiles.

Get that! You serve a search warrent on the person making the allegations!

Why? So you can get the names of all the other people who know the truth. usually from a computer or other documentation.

I bet my life savings they are ALL Masons!

This will not go away.

May these scum be flushed out like shit from a blocked toilet.

To the Masons who review this site...your time is coming...the parties's the light? A little hard on the eyes eh?

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