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Default Re: Thanksgiving Thread

Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
Actually I was a vegan for a pretty long stretch, from 1991 to 2002 ... but then we moved to upstate NY and it wasn't at all vegan friendly as far as grocery shopping and eating out etc. Eventually it got much better, but at that point I had already succumbed to the joy that is cheese. So I'm just a vegetarian now.

And yes I saw that episode of House! I don't have kids, I don't think I'd make the best mom. I did work with this woman in NYC once who was a vegan for a very long time, had a daughter who was a vegan from birth and I must say she had the most amazing skin I'd ever seen on a non-photoshopped human.

Yay for you not having to cook on Thanksgiving. Cooking can be a pain not to mention the stress of playing hostess. I am so not good at that. My husband's brother's family came to visit us in upstate NY a few years ago and apparently I wasn't making food the way the kids were used to (like mixing the tomato sauce in with the pasta instead of ladeling it on top) so I resorted to paying the kids a few bucks a piece if they promised not to complain about any food I might serve them. I think their parents were mortified but it worked.

Edit: As for the abortion law in NJ, yeah I guess I hadn't even thought about it. Was she over 16? I wonder if that's the cut off age.

She was twelve.

House said it was a New Jersey law.

Meaning that being her age she had the right to make the decision without him consenting with her parents.

I haven't goggled it yet to see if it really is the law, but if it is that just blows me away.

Twelve years old.

That is pre-puberty.

I wish I could see the episode again to ascertain if I heard the age wrong or not.

Happy tofu turkey to you!
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