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Default Re: Why Do people say the jews run the world?

Many times when this issue comes up , there is an aspect that is clearly overlooked by many people.

There is a large factor of so called Jewish control in the world today, but those Jews are actually fake.

When Columbus set sail for the new world, the largest Jewish population was in Spain; the Sephardic Jews. These Jews were real, or what you would refer to as Semetic. It just so happens that when Columbus was preparing to leave, the queen of Spain influence the king to expel all the Sephardim from the country. At that time, the Jews spread throughout the middle east, with the most of them winding up in the Ottomen Empire. The Ottomen ruler welcomed them, because of what they had to offer the empire (literature, arts, craftsmenship).

It was several centuries later that a large number of white europeans migrated into the empire (regradless of what any conspiracy or so called history documentary claims, the actual whereabouts of their origin is still unproven. It is however believed that they were expelled or made not welcome from where ever). At that time, Ottomen rule allowed no athiest or non muslim and jewish sects to exist within the empire. It was then when the new settlers converted to judaism.

Not to go on for ever as if I was quoting a book, it was some time later when these converts took on the title of Ashkenazi Jews. These are in fact the jews that we are talking about here. Yet they are not Semetic or can be considered an Israelite by any means. The conversion was simply used for means of survival and has been used to this day to identify themselves with the ideal of God's favored people.
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