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Originally Posted by ghoulpuke View Post

I found these forums through a google blog search. I wondered if anyone had information on mind control technologies? Specifically, how people can use devices in order to produce symptoms of mental illnesses in other people. Does tin foil effectively shield against these technologies?

If you were to wear a tin foil hat, what do you think people might think about you?

Perhpas that you have a mental illness?

The government does use secret, silent and invisible weapons against targets, and the reason they have AGENTS on the net who speak about these weapons inaccurately is to convince people that they are being zapped which intices them to purchase tin foil hats and otherwise so they look like someone who is not mentally stable.

In this respect, the secret/silent/invisible weapons are discredited because the people who think they're being targeted are wearing tin foil hats.

Just as they desire.

I wouldn't wear a tin foil hat if I were you.

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