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Originally Posted by Leonardo View Post
In your desire to look like a logician you committed logical fallacies twice.

Have you ever even read an introductory work on Logic?

Not only do you not present you arguments in formal symbolic proofs, but your precisely stated assertions are not even grammatically true. You committed the first Logical Mortal Sin with your first statement.

I hope you are able to sort out your illogical, anachronistic ort of mind.
More than twice by your definition. Yet repeating the format of my retort must have been appealing enough to overlook this for some reason.

Logical Mortal Sin... An act I have willingly committed under glaring eyes by apoplectic priests of the church of logic. What are you doing with that monograph? You should know better than to be using a book as a feeble shield.

It would be contradictory for me to get my ideas on logic from someone else's book, something you might pick up if you read what Ive been saying.

It must have been the tone of my views that were mistaken for the rigidity of a precisely stated assertion, yet I have already said that which would be boldly contradictory to this notion.
For instance, I cant tell you the truth, only my observations which may serve you to question your beliefs.
A contradiction I didn't make, but an emotional reaction you did, however subtle.
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