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Default Re: Why Do people say the jews run the world?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
This is the second time you have inquired of me as to whether or not I have shame.

Is this what you are referencing?

I DO NOT feel ashamed of the fact that I was brutalized by sadistic pigs.
you wrote: "GOD is within each of us and WE all make up the planet.

This is the extent to which he controls the world because he cannot control our actions"

and of course after saying this:"If GOD is controlling the world, I think he should be fired and, at this point, if I were him, I would probably be ashamed of my work."

I was asking, since you feel God should be ashamed, fired and ridiculed: If we are all God in the earth if you had no shame. I personally am ashamed of my fellow beings. I was nort referencing anything but what you said.

Peace starts with people not anylising all the parts of God, but in viewing him as a whole. I am not ashamed of God, or his Plan, and yes, I believe he rules theworld. If one person believes in him, then he rules. You can not take that from me.

May I ask Why you HATE the Jews so much when you are not one?
If you believe in God so much, why belittle him or people who believe in him?
I think you have no insight to the truth and only want to incorporate pitty in your life , as if you are the only victim BA. Please stop refering to Bruce in every damned thread. Get a life. I ask if you have no shame?

There is a response for you when you actually figure that one out. YOU ARE NOT A SAINT!

Do you want peace at all in the world, and will you ever stop acting like a scholar on every topic? I am ashamed that I ever came to this forum, mostly because of you and your endless attack on me. Please stop Quoting me or I will post every damn contradiction you have ever posted, you damned troll.YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED, because I think you are a witch, if not satan .
I am not Christian as you know, so I will judge you as mine enemy. Get thee behind me BA, Angel of light, or satan, which ever you prefer. You are just an evil one, in my opinion.

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