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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Excuse me, but my comment was not hostile.

IT was straight forward and to the point.

You really do need to find a forum where you can converse with others in the language of JIBBERISH, DOUBLE-SPEAK, DOUBLE-BIND MESSAGES and REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY.

There will be no further waste of my time discussing with you anything about my head.

I have a head.

There is evidence of its' existence.

Therefore, it is a TRUTH.
Which is the evidence? Your head? Or the word head? If you said physical evidence you'd be making a clearer point, but still it wouldn't matter...
Of course, you'll assume your head. But what if I dont believe in heads, or I dont speak English and do not know the word head? I know what you must be thinking, its just words, right? Exactly. Cant you see the limitations of this process I'm trying to demonstrate? Think about it. Think harder. Its passing right under your noses.
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