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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

Excuse me,

I will like to just interject regarding the following post in this forum. Now, I would like to recommend every single living, thinking, sovereign individual to do the following. I would like to recommend all those individuals who would like enlightenment to audit an Art History 101 class; this will truly enlighten all individuals to mankinds attribution and personification of many myths, etc. Moreover, I would recommend deep research and readings regarding religion and the genesis-if you will-of various stories from antiquity. This will be a truly enriching and enlightening experience for all those who question what they see and are exposed to on a continual basis. Jordan Maxwell may NOT be 100% accurate; however, he does inspire us to search and inquire of OUR history and this will then shed light upon where we are going. So, do your own research-and never take anyone person's word as "the gospel truth"! Whether it may be a hypocritical preacher, politician, or guest of yours. Thank you

Good night, and good luck
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