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Default Fave Inspiring Movie/T.V

Dont forget Greflo Dollar.

"And Jesus said, go forth, make lots of money, enter network marketing schemes"...

Lets not forget "The Office". The greatest comedy coz it's true.

So many of the world managers today are not ruthless tyrants, but in fact useful idiots. Just like David Brent.

I have sat gobsmacked as some well paid NWO idiot mouths some of the most tripe you could believe...and they seem to believe it. Nothing worse than a paper shifter who actually thinks they contribute something.

I prefer a well ordered tyrant. At least you know someones in control.

Nothing worse than a Uni educated/Illuminati idiot who thinks he's a player.

Hitler and Stalin must have their heads in their hands sobbing..."oh Adolph, you and me baby, those were the days". "Oh Ya mein Staly, old school nigga".
[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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