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Default Re: What happend to Club Conspiracy

Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
Lets all start new then to save our forum. Peace starts here, and we forget the past. Hello...I am Dave(beentheredonethat). I am a bit fd in the head like most of ya I guess I fit in. I am an ass...but dont wanna be. Im ignorant...but dont wanna be....Im pissed off...something we all have in comon...And I l'l take it if ya neeed someone to discharge on. In the end...Ill still try and make ya all my friend.
Tomorrow is another day.

Extra peace to BA. Hope its been a good day.
Speak for yourself.

Most of us aren't fd in the head as you say you are.

I don't need you to incorporate my name in every comment that you post and I certainly don't need someone who refers to me as Satan, the evil one and a witch wishing me extra peace.

You are just as you say you are.
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