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Default Re: Global Warming = Weather Warfare

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
"We really have not heard much from the air traffic controllers union since Ronald Reagan fired 11,000 of them in 1981."
Opinion: RON HART: (Dis)union: Kicking the can down the road | year, love, affair :

People are getting sick, they just don't know the real reason.
Try answering the question instead of diverting.

You are aware I am not referring to air traffic controllers.

Obviously, you can't answer the question.

Illness is not a result of CHEMTRAILS.

They are used for weather modification and when people like you are convinced that you know they are releasing toxins into the air and that this causes illness in people, you just help to SPREAD FEAR.

Exactly what the Controllers DO and want you do to so you are no better than they are.

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