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Default Re: OOPARTS & ANCIENT HIGH TECHNOLOGY --Evidence of Noah's Flood?

OOPARTS aren't necessarily evidence if Noah's flood. In fact, that's quite a leap to make such an assumption. Especially considering that some ooparts are thought to be millions of years older than any contemporary notion of when the flood occurred, or even man himself begain walking the Earth.

I do have to say though, that OOPARTS are a fascinating look at undefined reality. High technoology certainly does seem to have existed beyond our own modern notions of history and civilization. There are three options really. 1.That the data is wrong and/or somehow misinterpreted regarding the collection of the artifacts. (This might even include such things as bizarre to us as time travel, demnsion shift, etc.) 2. That the history of humanity is cyclical, and has involved perhaps many civilizations that we know very little or nothing of. 3. Or that there is an extraterrestrial interference. Of course, one might add a fourth option that there are possible combinations of the aforementioned.
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