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Default Re: "Let them eat cake!!!"

Originally Posted by Jackinthebox View Post
I agree that eating fast food once in a while can't be called "harmful" outright. Anything you ingest can be harmful if you have too much of it.

One must also consider too though, that "fast food" is not just a meal at a burger joint. Fast food is also the hot pockets, frozen dinners, pizza bites, trays of chicken nuggets, etc.

Most people are heavily reliant on quick and easy foods. Especially when both parents are working, or you are a single person who works 70 hours a week. Who has the time to shop wisely and to prepare home-cooked nutritious meals? Sadly, not very many people at all these days. And the people who have the time, can't afford healthier non-processed foods.

But even there, one must even consider the nutrient depletion overall, across our entire food supply. Even fresh produce. Some of us who are a little older can remember back when a tomato, or a piece of fruit from the supermarket had real flavor. Now it's grainy and tasteless. No wonder why kids today don't bother even trying to "eat healthy." What you are not tasting is the essential nutrients that the body requires. As I have mentioned before elsewhere as an example, and perhaps even here, the humble potato alone has lost 70% of its nutrition in the past few decades. So where someone might sit down to a meal with a spud, a little piece of meat, and some veggies, this is no longer even nutritionally viable. How many potatos alone would you have to eat to gain the same nutritional value that you would have gotten even twenty years ago? And this is a problem with all of our foods, even meats as well. No wonder portion sizes have swelled. Because our appetites have swelled, as our bodies starve for essential nutrients.

How has the humble potatoe lost 70% of it's nutrion in the past decade?

Food is quite tasty to me.

The serving of larger portions, in my opinion, is ridiculous and I don't think it's presented to us because, as you say, we need to eat more.

I can hardly consume that which is served to me when I dine out and I don't believe most people can eat that much either, but rather than waste the food, they ingest it.

Isn't that how we've been conditioned?

The more the better?

Don't waste food.

There are people starving all over the world and we must eat for them.

These are ways to make people consume more and beome overweight and unhealthy.

Eat like the French do.

Fast food, when eaten on a regular basis, can become addicting and it certainly provides very little nutritional value.

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