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Default Re: Site Disruptors: How Will We Deal With Them?

If a thread looks uninteresting.. ignore it.. However, what happens when a thread is in full progress and a disruptor drops on in?.. Do we let the disruptor wreck the thread with insults and asinine comments?.. and just go away and forget about it?

Somebody posted today that we have 200 members already.. When we have 2,000 What are we going to do?

There are groups that resent the conspiracy theories, and they are well financed by members of the NWO.. What is to stop them from disrupting threads and causing havoc.. If I were the NWO, I would pay people in China or India $1 per hour to sit at a keyboard and wreck every site that is critical of the NWO.

What can the website administrator do, but eventually have to 86 obnoxious people off of his site?.. The problem is that a well orchestrated attack on a site that tells the truth.. could not even hope to eliminate posters from a well financed opposition...

Example.. Ohh.. "That is a bad, mean poster".. So the Administration shuts down the input from whoever the poster says is his/her e-mail address..

What if the well financed poster has a thousand e-mail address's to chose from?.. He/She gets a new username.. and continues the attack.

How do you stop the dedicated disruptors?.. Answer.. Silence.. How do you recognize the disruptors.. Because they are against the consensus of most people here who support the viewpoint of Henry Makow..

There is no Lock Step here.. And you really don't have to support Henry's thesis.. However, if it looks like a person is a destroyer, using insults to other posters, and equating Flat Earth theories with Vote Fraud, and 9/11 .. Get rid of the dog at any cost... because there are many more coming.
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