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Default Re: "Let them eat cake!!!"

The spud has lost that nutrition due to "enhanced" farming methods. Growing them too fast in nutrient depleted soil, basically. Also, all of your food is irradiated before hitting the store shelves, further depleting the nutrients.

The larger portion sizes really is a double-edged sword. Partly how I presented it, and partly how you presented it as well. Your point there is valid. But even if you stuff yourself eating far more than you normally would, you will still be hungry soon after. One breakfast sammich from a fast food joint can have all the fat and calories you should have for the entire day, but I'm sure you will be hungry again in an hour or two after eating it.

Fast food is the worst, but our entire food supply is in jeopardy at this point, and we are all being forced in the fast food syndrome. Myself for example, I know better, yet I am left with fast food as an only option for many various reasons quite often.

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