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Default Re: Pope John Paul II: The Judas Iscariot of Our Time by Michael A. Hoffman II

Mawashi...what would Jesus do? With all that is wrong with the world, what would Christ have done the last few years let alone the last 28 of this particular Pope.

The list of injustices in this world is endless.

We had one of the most blatent imperialistic invasions in! before our eyes and where was the Pope? Where were ALL the Churches?

A few marches here, a few marches there...a few motherhood statements here...

100, 000 Iraqi's dead and counting...

What would Christ do? Or Mahummed for that matter?

The religious leaders of today ar'nt fit to wipe the toilet bowel of Christs holy toilet.

If Christ was just a teacher...blah blah blah...where are the ones to follow? Where are the holier than thou scum who perport to worship the God/man?

The true followers of Christ have the guts to stand in front of Israeli bulldozers and be mown down. The real hero's get bullets to the head walking Palestinian scholl children to school.

The Pope? I wont mince my words...he is gutless, useless, paedophile scum. May he rot in hell.

Otherwise everyone...have a nice day!
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