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I'm the one who who believes things are going to get better.

I live in hope, amidst all this darkness.

I see a ray of hope. The human spirit. Even though these may be insurmountable odds and yes I know the thoughts of their future and I still believe that it doesn't have to be this way. People will eventually stand up to protect their children, no matter what the cost. It is our human nature, I believe.

The tide of consciousness is turning towards the truth. People are becoming disgusted with the way things are going. People are almost mad enough to do anything about it.

The one thing the bible taught me was about that mustard seed and what it could do. We must believe we can change things. Else we are defeated before we begin and what is the point of understanding the truth if we are not prepared to fight for the truth in our own unique world.

I believe there are more of us than there are of them. More people are waking up. Imagine if a nation from the first world got their act together and pulled a Ghandi move? No one went to work for a day. If the nukes are coming, let them fall. I'll still fight for a better day.

I'm positive that God didn't create this world to allow it to get into this kind of state and I'm, sure there is something he is going to do about it, sooner or later.

In my mind and my heart, there is no force greater than God and all things are possible. I believe in miracles. Never give up hope. Then, they win.

Mary XXX
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