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Default The Inauguration Ball


Reagan raised 47 million dollars for his Inauguaration Ball and Nancy wore a $10,000.00 dress.

Come on folks.

What is this?

High School?

The Prom?

The Coronation Ball?

The Homecoming King and Queen?

There are millions of citizens in this country who are SUFFERING because of the wealthy elitists who comprise our government and accomplish nothing for us, but only for themselves.

Anyone who watches the INAUGURATION BALL in awe while these elitists wine and dine with one another and celebrate the ushering into the Oval office of another elitist is not living in reality.

Someone in Obama's camp said that the President elect is aware of the suffering in our country, but American's like to indulge.


We won't be indulging.

Obama, his supporters, his contributors, the rest of the elitist crowd will be indulging.

We certainly won't be eating caviar.

What you meant to say was that YOU BELIEVE Americans like to watch the elitist's indulge while we suffer, didn't you?

You also said that to Americans our leaders are celebrities.


They are not.

We don't give a hoot about celebrities.

We give a hoot about the pain and suffering of our countrymen and we certainly have no desire to watch the next elitist/puppet, Barack Obama, ushered into the White House while he wines and dines with the rich and famous because, you see, the ECONOMY sucks at this point and millions of people have lost their jobs; many their homes; their health care and you sit on your perch OBAMA telling all of us how you are aware of our pain and suffering and yet those who are in office and charged with the task of easing our pain and suffering will wine and dine, dance and drink because they want for nothing and could care less about the American citizens.

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